can the inflatable toys save the children who fall into the water?

Strong! Inflatable toys can save the children who fall into the water instead of the Lifebuoy! on Oct. 12, reporters learned that two British girls the water was rushed out far away after fell into the water accidentally, professional tools such as Lifebuoy did not work, a huge inflatable toys suddenly became a savior of the sisters.

on the eve of 9, the two teenage girls were rolled down by the sea water while playing along the seacoast of Devon, and then was rushed out for 18 meters. the local residents threw a life preserver When they heard the cry for help of the girls,however, two children have been very far from the shore, a small Lifebuoy could not arrive their location.

A man took out a rubber inflatable toy equipped with handle from home, and then make all the effort to throw the "big guy" into the girls' direction when people were helpless. Because of  the  larger weigh,the "bouncing ball" look like a toy fell on the smooth side of the sisters, they are able to float on the sea until the rescue workers rushed to the scene.

the two girls were taken to hospital for emergency treatment immediately after they were rescued, one of them had a certain degree of drowning symptoms, some water was sucked to her lungs.

It appears that the inflatable toy played a important role in the accident . It is reported that the inflatable toy shaped like the inflatable UFO of China Suzhou Fu Lung  amusements , it was also speculated that the mysterious baby is probably imported from the Suzhou Fu Lung UFO by a British merchants . At present, this thing is still under investigation.